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Free Flying Games

Do you like Airplanes? Then this Flight Simulation is your game! Start your engine and control the planes movement. Can you avoid the cliffs for a successful takeoff? Take a look upon the hills and enjoy the skyline in this awesome 3D Simulation on BitofGame! Start your engines now and fly away!
Use the mouse to slide together the Curtiss P-40E plane
Player\'s robot, due to a hostile attack resulting in a spaceship crash, loses its main firing functionality. Each level restores part of this functionality making player\'s robot more powerful.\r\n \r\nControls:\r\n- W, A, S, D keys - move around- Mouse - aim and shoot\r\n- 1, 2, 3 keys - switch guns mode\r\n- SPACE key - launch a missile\r\n- F key - use health pack and restore 25% of health\r\n- E key - activate command ship support (and then clicking on structure that needs to be destroyed)\r\n- Q change quality of graphics\r\n- ESC key - to pause game, and see main menu.
The Mission is completely in your hands. The remaining comrades disappeared or were killed. You must fly the helicopter perfectly and use all the ammunition to win the war.
Run your airport with the goal of making more money. Build new terminals, bring in new flights and expand until you have the biggest, most profitable, airport in your country.
Do you want to be a very brave pilots?Please come to participate in this game, you will be here to experience the fun of driving the famous World War II bomber.
It is jigsaw puzzle game that includes many helicopter jigsaw puzzles for you to solve.
Face The Storm - Battle the weather and take on the ferocious thunder storms. Avoid the lightning bolts or you\'ll be blown out of the sky!\r\nUse the arrow keys to control the plane. Fly through the stoms, each one is more dangerous than the last. Submit your score to the leaderboard and see if you are the best pilot!
You are the pilot of a plane and you fight against a russian plane that is threatening to open fire again your comrades.You are the most skilled pilot around here so they are all counting on you.Do not disappoint them.Use either mouse or keyboard to control the plane.Press left mouse button or crtl to fire with machine guns or drop bombs.Tab switches between normal cam and bomb cam.
Hop onto your jetpack and try to survive through this futuri...
Do you think you are a good car parking driver? Try your skills in this new plane parking game. You are the driver of a plane carrier vehicle and you have to maintain the order on the airport. Move the planes without crashing them and help them take off.
A 3D future racing game with infinite number of levels.rnFully 3D realtime rendered wipeout like racing game.rnIncludes both a campaign mode of 10 base levels, playing these unlocks new ships.rnrnArrow Keys or WASD to control your ship.rnF to toggle fullscreen, ESC to pause.
Who needs to buy flight simulator when you have an even bett...
Race your plane and try to get first place.
Eyjafjallajokul is at it again, but no one\'s grounding your plane!
Use tactics and strategy to defeat the enemy in battle. \r\nUnlock new ships and special attacks as the war progresses. \r\nEarn upgrade points by winning battles and spend them on upgrading your ships or on special unlock-able bonuses. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
Select your plane and blaze onto the Runway, achieving groun...
Midway war begins, you must drive Fearless bomber to fight with enemies. There will be fierce resistance, but you are ready to fight bravely for your homeland! Good luck!
Slide together the pictures of the Canadian fighter jet in three different sizes
Shoot down the enemies as you blitz through the warzone in your helicopter!
A jigsaw puzzle game with many level of airplane puzzle for you to solve.
Re-branded as LIFTOFF 2012 to take advantage of the worldwide 2012 \"end of the world\" phenomenon!\r\nTrailer\r\n\r\nTrailer here:\r\nPress SPACE BAR to launch shuttle.Move mouse LEFT and RIGHT to guide shuttle.\r\nMore instructions explained under \"MANUAL\"\r\n-----\r\nCoded in AS3\r\nStory driven\r\nCustom voice acting\r\nLicensed music\r\n-----\r\nFYI: 3rd save slot automatically clears for testing purposes.
Use your mouse to piece together the puzzle of WWI fighter Planes
Control your helicopter and steer it through the city.
First person helicopter shooting game. Play as elite helicopter pilot on a mission to destroy enemy tanks defense. Shoot your way through 10 waves of enemy tanks, unlock 9 trophies and beat the highscore.
Fly in the fastest jet game online. Race around the track in this unique jet racer. Fly your plane through powerups that make you go supersonic speeds.
Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow to control your flight.rnUse UP and DOWN arrow to change speed.rnTry to collect maximum parachutes from your way.rnAvoid crashes with other flights.rnUse spacebar to sudden jump over other flights for saving life.rnCollect the life , which give extra life.
It is sliding puzzle game that includes many airplane sliding puzzles for you to solve.
Love classic are war games? Love 3D Shooting games? Well Air War 3D Classic combines the two. Take to the skies in this classic style dog fight sim. Can you take down the enemy units and claim the skies for yourself? Try to beat your own score and see exactly how many planes you can shoot down in this airplane fighter simulation.
Guide your helicopter through the level. Collect items and shoot or avoid the walls. The level starts slow and easy, but speeds up as you go! Be sure to try the game together with a friend!
You are a pilot of the Military Air Forces. Your task is to become a winner in a duel with an experienced enemy. The rules are simple: you and your enemy exchange missile strikes one-by-one. The pilot will get a new military rank with every new passed level. Thereon the pilot wins his last battle, he will award a new rank of Military Air Forces marshal and get a precious gift from the hands of the President...
Slide together the great b-52 flying fortress in three sizes
Do you want to be a very brave pilots?Please come to participate in this game, you will be here to experience the fun of driving the famous World War II bomber.
You are a chopper pilot and now you must get the company prosper, to do that you must carry goods and buy helicopters, fly across 10 exciting levels and buy 4 different choppers. can you make the company a successful business?.A box2d physics game!!!
If you love skill games, then this is the one for you. Your ...
WWII may be over but not for everyone. For all those airplane enthusiasts out there, we give you Battle Over Berlin 2. Fly your military aircraft and conquer the skies as you take on several rival forces in a fierce dogfight over Berlin. Loops, air tackles and strategies are the way to lose someone who\'s tailing you. Fire your machine gun and drop those bombs on your enemies in a fight over the mighty Berlin.
How high can you get Jumping Princess? She needs to collect her crowns while bouncing on platforms in the air. If you miss you will falls to the ground. But don\'t worry. She wont get hurt, you can always start jumping again and try to beat your best score. Fun animations, music and sounds make for a fun endless jumping game that will give you hours of girly fun.
Choose your driver and rush towards the finish line! Guide t...
Angry Birds are back and they are in RIO! You have to once a...
Take control of your Air Transporter helicopter and burst in...
Hover through the universe, flying with super fast Space Shi...
Hop inside your tiny plane and charge in this Modern Air War...
collect the points and make the high score
Tony Stark entrust you with his Ironman suits only if you pr...
Use the Mouse to move, shoot and Space to acelerate. Complete all missions to win the game.
Roam the skies and take down anti-aircraft towers in this exciting shooter!rnrnWASD - MovernMouse - Aim and FirernSpace - Panic Button
No Description
In this game you have the option to choose between a Lamborghini Murcielago or a Mercedes SL and once you choose your car the target is to defeat all other cars and get to finish line first.Use your keyboard to play this game with cars
\r\nPilot your Apache Helicopter and shoot everything that moves in this action-packed, pixelated side-scrolling shoot’em up.\r\nCollect missiles, weapons and powerups, targetting enemy tanks, trucks, troops, fighter planes and ground troops.. even the odd goat!\r\nIf pixel 2D shooters are your thing, you’ve come to the right place.\r\nInstructions\r\n \r\nUse the cursor keys to control the helicopter and press the space bar to fire weapons. You can hold the space bar down for rapid fire but watch your ammo.\r\n
Your mission in this fun throwing games is to throw your pap...
You work as a truck driver for refinery. You have to supply variety of petroleum products like crude oil, rocket fuel or gasoline. Follow the arrows on the road to reach your destination. Parked the truck at the destination in the marked parking space to finish the job. The faster you are and the less damage to your oil tanker, the more money you earn at the end of each level.Avoid hitting other vehicles and the road boundary. Can you bring the ever-growing and difficult time for maneuvering loads to destination and avoid damage to the oil tanker?Controls:Arrow keys to Drive Oil tanker.\r\nPress spacebar to Brake
Take the battle to the sky in this 3d airplane shooter. Blast down the other planes using your gun or your missile. Remain the only one in the sky to win. Players are challenged to eliminate the enemy with classic fighter aircraft of World War I. This game has 9 levels with increasing difficulty each level.
Free Helicopter Game. Fly through the sky, collect all the Coins and buy upgrades. Avoid the rockets to complete all 10 levels. Become the greatest Coinocopter Pilot of the skies. A multiplayer mode will be added if the game gets good ratings.
No Description
Fast-paced 3D multiplayer shoot-em-up game.
Fly a helicopter to locate and destroy enemy submarines using sonobuoys and torpedoes.\r\nFeatures:\r\n\r\nPoint & Click Interface\r\nThree difficulty levels\r\nRandom gameplay... never plays the same way twice.  Submarine never starts in the same position nor has the same waypoints and speed.\r\nSeparate Sound Effect and Music mute buttons\r\nWhen the game ends (success or fail) the submarine\'s path is revealed to the player.\r\nAnimated ocean surface.\r\n
Jump 39,000 meters and become the world\'s fastest man. Breaking records of Felix Baumgartner. 3D Game with stage3d
Take off as soon as you have chosen the war plane that capable to face a spacecraft from another planet a spacecraft that has come here to destroy mankind. Use missiles and special ammo to destroy the enemies and be the king of planes.Use arrow keys to fly the plane S missile destroyers D ammo
War began the enemy is ready to attack. The only device that you have left is a wellequipped helicopter. Try to avoid attacks and kill the enemies and then land the airline to complete the task.
Take down the enemy planes to protect yourself. Upgrade your defences to succeed in this fast past aviation shoot out
Hunt as many as birds as you can leaving the small birds, aside which will lose 100 points an hitting the small bird when you miss 6 birds, then the game ends
3D Flight Sim is back and better than ever. We really make this game a whole new flying experience. Built from the same engine as the previous hit game. But very much better in every way possible. Now you need to fly through the rings in your jet airplane. Even if you don’t manage to get every ring in the level you can still pass the level by simply not crashing. Stay up until the time counts down and you will have a score show and be able to progress to the next level.
Use the mouse to slide together the Fighter Pilot
Sagittarius: 2172 is a real-time puzzle/space strategy game. Instead of using classic color tetris rules, «Sagittarius: 2172» revolves around a spaceship, which can be upgraded and can seriously change course of game. Players can focus on construction, research or acquisition of resources. Players also can use special abilities, such as time control or missile attack to facilitate game. \r\n\r\nControlsArrow Keys Left and Right (or A and D): Move incoming blocks left or right.Arrow Key Up (or W): Swap blocks around in the current figure.Arrow Key Down (or S): Move incoming blocks down.Esc: Pause the playfield. Upgrades can still be purchased while paused.Space: Drop the current blocks.1 through 4: Hotkeys for special abilities.Objective:Match at least 3 blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally to collect them. Do not allow the blocks to stack up to the top of the play area.Tips- You can read descriptions and make decisions about what upgrades to purchase while the game is paused (Esc).- Use your abilities often to keep the blocks down to controllable levels.- Set up combos to maximize resource gain.
\r\n\r\nYour bad navigation lead you right into a giant armada of hostile ufos heading for earth. There’s no chance to survive, but heroes never give up. Collect power-ups for your weapon and take out as many ufos as you can.\r\n 
Try to find all 26 letters at one of tree pictures. When you find at one picture, you can choose another. If you find all letters at all three pictures you are really expert for these kinds of games.
In Mario Heli Strike your tsk is to get through as many stag...
Now you have the chance to live your life as a little mosqui...
Angry Birds Hunter is different to the original catapult lau...
You\'re a sky fire fighter and your job is to extinguish the fire in the forest. Fly your fire fighting plane, fill up water from the lake and sprinkle on the fire. Avoid the birds as they cause damage to your plane. You might need to refuel your water tank to completely put off the fire. Try to complete all the levels and submit your score to the high score list. Good Luck...\r\n\r\n\r\nInstructions\r\n· Ascent - Up Arrow Key\r\n· Descent - Down Arrow Key\r\n· Turn The Plane - Left or Right Arrow Keys\r\n· Release Water - Space Bar\r\n· Slow Down - Z Key\r\n· Speed Up - A Key
Use mouse to play. To progress, you have to find the 0-9 numbers.
Roam the skies and take down anti-aircraft towers in this exciting shooter!rnrnWASD - MovernMouse - Aim and FirernSpace - Panic Button
Launch, orbit, attack, destroy. Protect the missile through ...
Steambirds is a dog fighter style game where you have to tak...
Come on dude! Lets step into space and have a thrilling drive. Let\'s move as faster as possible to reach the target seeing to that we are safe from the enemy ships. If the spaceship gets more damaged, your health decreases and your game ends with that. Let\'s take this challenge and have great fun clearing all levels! Use arrow keys to move and shoot.
Listen up, soldier, you need to control your helicopter and ...
SL Flying Planets. Shoot the Flying Planets and Save Earth.Arrows = Fly. Up Arrow = Thrust. Spacebar = Fire.
Snakes On A Cartesian Plane is a fun game of the classic sna...
Battle Over Berlin is a WW2 based Flying Game where you control your fighter plane in an effort to destroy as many enemy planes as possible. Use the simple controls to maneuver your plane. Avoid enemy fire while trying to inflict damage on them using your standard guns or with bombs. Play in either 1 or 2 player modes for plenty of fun. Remember that if you fly off the right side of the screen, you enter from the left and vice versa. A strategy to this game is to avoid fire and stay behind your enemy so you can down him faster.
Take flight on a peaceful journey and avoid other planes on the way. Arrows keys for plane movement.
Use the WASD or ARROW keys to more your GhostTank. Aim with your mouse pointer and left-click to shoot. Press \"E\" to activate your 360 Spin Attack. Press \"Q\" to activate your 5 second Ghost/Invisible Mode.rn 
No Description
Over Europe ash eruptions covered the sky again! Millions of people had gathered at airports. But there are hope!ASH AIRLINE flying through the ashes! Welcome to ASH AIR pilot!
No Description
No Description
In Biplane Bomber II, you start of with a biplane, mounted with a puny caliber gun and a handful of bombs. As you fight your way through the levels in different landscapes and environments you gain points which can be used to purchase any of the 13 upgrades - such as a fast firing, high caliber gun or a plane with a rear gunner sitting behind you.\\r\\n \\r\\nAll sound effects are purchased from, the game contains no copyright protected material.
For all those parking whizzes out there, if you are done with parking cars and trucks, we have something really challenging for you. Boast yourself by parking planes, all impeccable and no damages, right at one of the busiest airports, LAX. Are you game for the challenge?rnrnUse the arrow keys in the directions they suggest and move the planes. This is LAX, boys, so don\'t you dare to crash on another plane or anywhere else, lest you want to hang with shame.
Gunship Combat is a multiplayer helicopter game. You can configure your gunship, buy weapons and armor. If you win a match, you will get credits. When you achieve some score, you will promoted to higher military rank.
Collect all the cash bags with your helicopter.\r\nDon\'t hit them with your airscrew.\r\nDon\'t let them fly away.\r\nAvoid the bombs
We were constantly in search of living organisms like us. We sought them out for cultural exchange and the sharing of ideas, but they were not interested. Colonized systems were captured, people were dying every second. It all started in Xilar, seek out the source of the enemy and destroy it.