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Free Action Games

Match colorful and exotic icons to stop a long-forgotten prophecy from befalling the Incan Empire in The Lost Inca Prophecy, an amazing match-3 adventure that lets you choose how to play!
Step up to the plate and see how many home runs you can smack out of the park in this high score baseball game.
Qualify in the races to reach the final! Choose your pit stop wisely, to replace tyres and fuel.
Your job is to take out an entire guerilla base and weapon supply just with a knife.. Its absolutly essential to stay undetected so your only weapon will be a army knife..
Enemies have invaded many parts of your home country. As a sniper, you are dispatched to Lurk around the enemy camp and shoot them. In this hacked version, you will not die.
This awesome game sponsored by is an addicted martial arts game where you play as a fighter and you have to knock down all the enemies by kicking and punching them. You can unlock 3 great characters once you have enough coins collected.rnrnTIP: If you share your score on facebook, you get 100 coins as a bonus.rnrnSo what are you waiting for? Test your reflex and have fun!
Guide the marble to the end of the path. There are 20 levels, each one more challenging then the next. Can you bet all 20?
Shoot to survive in Assault Echelon This firstperson action game pits you against waves of enemy soldiers. You can fire a crossbow assault rifle and grenade launcher at the foes. Shoot from atop a skyscraper and knock helicopters out of the air
When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.
Survive as long as possible gathering all the diamonds and cash you can!
Isoball 2 is an isometric 3D puzzle game that will test your spatial awareness and logic skills to the limit. Build structures using blocks, ramps, conveyor belts, bridges and more, to make a path for the ball to reach the hole. With 50 levels and 10 \'sandbox mode\' bonus levels, Isoball 2 offers hours of engrossing gameplay.\r\nFeatures & Improvements:- Streamlined interface and six new colour schemes - New blocks including conveyor belts, teleports and phase bridges- Sandbox levels allow you to express your creativity (...try creating infinitely looping tracks!)- Online hi-score system with Facebook and Twitter support - Saves your progress after every level- No time limits!\r\nControls:Use the mouse to select and place blocks. Repeatedly click on the block icons at the bottom of the screen to rotate them. Use the \"Erase\" tool to remove individual blocks, and the \"Clear\" button to remove all blocks from the level. When you think you\'ve built a successful route, click \"Start\" to release the ball.
Match three or more lights, in any direction, and don\'t let the grid fill up! Simply click each row on the grid to activate new lights. Keep the grid from overflowing by matching connected lights in groups of three or more, in any direction. Control the tide as the timer fills up and new columns are activated automatically. Get big cascading combos for the maximum possible score and a maybe even place on the leaderboard!
\r\nHiRoads is an addictive 3D platform game starring a jumping ball. Inspired by SkyRoads\r\nit offers 18 levels of bouncy fun and frantic action set up in breath taking landscapes. \r\nBe careful: don\'t crash into obstacles or you are going to explode like a bubble!\r\n \r\nThe game also features 9 amazing chip music tracks.\r\n \r\nCONTROLS:\r\nARROW KEYS to control the ball\r\nSPACE, Z or X to jump\r\nM and S toggle ingame music and sfx\r\nESC to get back to level selection or menu\r\n
Your city is surrounded by zombies and there is nothing to do but survive the onslaught. With your modern machinery and intuitive strategies, you must prevent the zombies from entering your city.rn rnGame Features:rnrn3 Zones:rnEach Zone has 3 Difficulties (Easy – Medium – Hard)rnEach Difficulty has 30 WavesrnDifficulty Increases as wave increasesrnTotal 3 Zones x 3 Difficulties = 9 Levels x 30 Waves = 270WavesrnDifficulty determines Enemy Health, Spawn Timer and Speedrn rn10 Towers:rn8 Land Towersrn1 Airplanern1 Land MinernKeyboard Hot Keys to Control Towers Quickly (Zero to Nine)rn3 Levels of Tower Upgradesrn rn13 Enemies:rn10 Ground Zombie Enemiesrn3 Flying Zombie DragonsrnOvertaking ZombiesrnPath Finding AI – No fixed path – Place Towers Anywhere and Zombie will find pathrnAuto Detect Patch Blocking and Prevent itrn rnMiscellaneous Game Features:rnEach turret has its own soundrnInteractive TutorialrnLeaderboardrn9 Medalsrn rnShared Objects – Game currently uses shared objects to save player score, unlocked levels and medals to user’s computers in their flash cookies. Ensures players are not playing the same levels over and over again.rn rnThis is a fun game with a lot of hard work. We would love to hear your comments/suggestions.rnWe have created over 100 Flash Games. View our profile; we know what we are doing. We can integrate your API, localization and more.
This fashion-obsessed celebutante might know a lot about make-up—but so do you!
Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it?s in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again. Plant the right crops, harvest and process them, care for your animals and make sure that your workers are happy ? this is how your farm will grow successfully.
Spell out the jumbled words to make it to the next level in Bookfish! Figure out the correct spelling before the bubbles reach the top! As you progress, the words get more difficult, and the time gets shorter! Tricky puzzles Fast-paced gameplay Spell the words!
Help the brave duo to overcome all obstacles and perform her...
 \r\nThis flash game is based on an old anime series, Hokuto no Ken. Mankind has destroyed the planet in a nuclear war, but there were some survivors. Kenshiro (the main character) is the successor of the deadly martial art, Hokuto Shinken.? He can destroy a persons body by pressing certain power points. This is why the bad guys explode when you punch them. \r\nControls:\r\nH - Start \r\nF -Select\r\nJ - kick\r\nK - Punch\r\nDJK - enter doors\r\nW,A,S,D - move\r\n 
Use big arsenal of weapons to protect your supply truck from enemy forces in this shooter game.rnrnInstructionsrnrnMouse – Shoot. Space – Grenade. R – Reload. P – Pause.
Game info:rnGame Name: Ivan vs Mutants : CErnrnDescription: You live in far north. Sometime you see strong light in sky. After that all around you gonna crazy, and tons of monster want to eat you.rnrn Full Name: Ivan vs Mutants - Chilled edition.rnrn Instructions:rn The game is to kill all the monsters that create aliens.rn With each level you will be attacked by a terrible monster and more huge.rn Movement of the standard WASD and aim with the mouse.rnrn Tips:rn - BONUS! 10000 coins on FunnyMonster.Net and 3D4udovishe.Com ONLY!rn - Upgrade pistol. (it will shoot faster. You can save ammo of other weapons).rn - Buy -Loot-. (from monsters drops more gifts).rn - Buy -Armour-.rn - The most feared and powerful monsters to freeze up close and go for a break or a quick switch weapons and shoot them, that would break the ice.rn - Buy a first aid kit and make it to upgrade.rn - Energy line is:rn Red = very little energy.rn Green = 100 percent.rn Blue = 200 percent.rn - When you upgrade weapons increases the speed, power and number of bullets.rn - When upgrading med kit expands on the number of energy recharged up to 200 percent (increases up to the blue line of energy).rn - To look at all levels on the map it is possible moving only on the passable levels.rn - Fences can be broken grenades and rockets.rn - Closer to the 10th level modernize speed of the character, differently it will be heavy to you to turn aside from monsters letting out rockets.rnrn Controls:rn Change weapon: Spacebar or Shift. (Use mouse to highlight needed weapon. It will be selected after you release the button mouse.).rn Aim: Mouse.rn Fire: Left click mouse (Ctrl, Numpad 0).rn Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys (Z,S,Q,D).rnrn Shortcut keys:rn 1. Pistol.rn 2. Shootgun.rn 3. Autogun.rn 4. Mechinegun.rn 5. Grenade.rn 6. Cryogrenade.rn 7. Bazooka.rn 8. Cryogun.rn G, END: Throw grenade.rn H, Home, Enter: Medkit.rn E, Delete: Pistol shot.rnrnrn Pixels: 640x480.rn Size: 12.5 mb.rnrn Tags: Shooter, isometric flash game, action, war, aliens, ufo, snow, winter, siberia, snowman, ivan russian man, isoland.rnrn The game developed by a team 3D4udovishe.rn Powered ISOLand engine.
Two different towns, built by the same architect claim to have similar downtown architectures. Is it true? You decide to look at both the downtown districts and find differences.rnGame Features:rn5 Fun Filled Levelsrn6 Achievements to Unlock
Physics based game full of fun and action! Play as a brave team of firefighters whose primary goal - to rescue people with trampolines!
Drive your car with maximum speed and be the winner on the finish pole , Avoid highway patrols don't let them catch you . Use Nos when needed !
Covert Ops is the sequel to the first FPS released for the Flash platform, Urban Warfare. New graphics and weapons, as well improved controls, guarantee a great gameplay experience.rnrnHold the left mouse button and move the mouse to move your head and aim. Use the WASD keys to move around. Use R to reload your weapon and Shift to jump. Fire your weapon with Space or Control. Use 1, 2 or 3 to switch your weapons.
Archery Challenge - are you good enough to hit all the archery targets!
Race through wild cities in street courses around the world Your sporty automobile is primed customized and ready for action. You will earn money for finishing in the top spots during each race. Improve your car to become the best street racer
You\'re son has been killed by Vito, a mafia boss. In this short sniper game you have to take revenge upon him, by killing him and his smugglers.
Firstly - why Snooker?  Snooker is a hugely popular and rapidly growing sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.  The 2009 Snooker World Championships were viewed by 24 million people in the UK, over 60 million in the rest of Europe, and a staggering 110 million viewers in China tuned in to watch.  Snooker attracts big sponsors and huge prize funds (the 2009 World Championships had a total prize fund of 1.1 million GB Pounds or 1.8 million US Dollars).\r\n\r\nPerceived by some as a more complicated version of Pool, the rules of Snooker are actually surprisingly simple, yet it requires a greater depth of skill and strategy to master.  That\'s where \'Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool\' comes in.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nMore than just an enjoyable game, \'Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool\' guides you through how to play snooker with a range of progressively more challenging tasks and animated tutorials, introducing elementary concepts such as how to aim and learning the rules of the game, to more advanced techniques such as cue ball positioning using spin.\r\n \r\n\'Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool\' utilises advanced physics, lifelike sound and dynamic lighting for an accurate simulation of the game making it, we believe, the most realistic and rewarding Flash Snooker game available.\r\n \r\n
Lead your fleet in nine missions of increasing difficult to get the final victory! Hit enemy ships to gain credit necessary to buy special bonuses: the air-strike and the sonar!rn
Welcome to Sea Fishing:Sun Beach. Just use the left button mouse to catch of the fish. Collect as many fishes as you can. The more you catch, the more score you got. rnrnInstruction: rn1. Select a place for fishing.rn2. Specify the place to throw bait.rn3. Click anywhere on the screen to draw lines. Look for the tension lines. rnrnGood luck!
Harbor Sniper is a puzzle type sniper game. You need to complete several missions near the harbor. Shoot down the bad guys and sink their ships.
Fun racing platform game that will keep you entertained for hours.
The excellent shooter game is back! Hitstick 5 lets you be the assassin. Choose to complete your objectives in stealth mode, using disguises and various weapons.\r\nGame controlAim and shoot with the mouse. Reload with spacebar.\r\n
the first bunch of levels are pretty straight forward so you can get a hang of the game, but hang in there because the later levels get CRAZY!! Here are the controls:rnrnARROWS = drivernW = shootrnD = fire missiles (buy some first)rnSPACE BAR = hand brakernrnenjoy guys! all feedback is read an appreciated.rnrnP.S. my personal favorite, is shooting crowds with missiles. They fly everywhere! :D
Welcome to the latest, third of its kind, shooting installme...
3D Flight Sim is back and better than ever. We really make this game a whole new flying experience. Built from the same engine as the previous hit game. But very much better in every way possible. Now you need to fly through the rings in your jet airplane. Even if you don’t manage to get every ring in the level you can still pass the level by simply not crashing. Stay up until the time counts down and you will have a score show and be able to progress to the next level.
First person helicopter shooting game. Play as elite helicopter pilot on a mission to destroy enemy tanks defense. Shoot your way through 10 waves of enemy tanks, unlock 9 trophies and beat the highscore.
Help soft TIO to complete all levels.rnSwitch TIO\'s states with Z,X,C
Taking refuge in a nearby city, your mission now is to stay alive.
It\\\'s your job to make sure that your company grows in San Francisco! Place buildings and other objects alongside the roads to make sure that the cargo is shipped at full speed. This way you\\\'ll earn more money with which you can buy new upgrades! Do you have what it takes to earn 3 stars in every single level?
Survive endless divisions of spike mounted armored vehicles and tanks. Decide your tankmod upgrade priorities. And overcome enemies with raw firepower, endurance, speed and/or allied support strikes. Survive day and night defending your position from hordes of unique armor and their bosses.
Dino-Panic is a fast paced game with colorful graphic,smooth animations and balanced gameplay.Run 3 dinosaurs through jurrasic jungle as long as possible. Avoid or destroy obstacles and unlock achievements!Controls:A-Diplodock jump/squachS-T-rex attackD-Raptor jumpHave fun!
Your fellow criminals have just committed a heist and made away with a ton of loot! It\'s up to you to get them to their destination safely, but the police won\'t make it easy! Dodge and weave your way to victory and make the perfect getaway!rnrnAccelerate - Up arrow key.rnDecelerate - Down arrow key.rnTurn left/right - Left/right arrow keys respectively.rn
In World War II: Tank Rush you are the harbinger of doom for your enemies. Your tank will spearhead the assault destroying all enemy units, buildings and bases in your path.
3D first person shooter. Explore the enemy territory and eliminate all enemy soldiers. Clear the area to complete your mission.
Hunt down your enemies and defeat them using your powerful weapons! Purchase powerful upgrades to blow up the bad guys and save the day in Heli Assault, an exciting and fun Action/Arcade game. Can you blast your way to the end of this game? Intense action Fun gameplay Take part in a Heli Assault!
Cowboy Adventure - Dancing Coyotes is an action adventure game featuring an adventure in the old west. Chico Lorenzo will face off against arch nemesis Nino Del Piero. - Move with arrow keys, shoot with mouse. Weapons, as they become available, can be selected with mouse at the top. Powerups improves your character. Also has a scored deathmatch mode. Cowboy game.
Choose the character you like to eliminate all the enemies alone in single mode or fight with your friend in double mode.
Hello there young wrestler. Are you ready to enter the ring ...
Defend your position as you gun down the incoming horde of zombies. Faster paced than the original.
No Description
Good morning soldier! Are you ready for your second defensiv...
Welcome to this magic MoonStone world! Let\'s explore it together!Four same color jewels in a line to remove them from the board! The more jewels you remove, the higher score you will get!rnMouse to play.
If you are good, you will take all the available points from this game. The target is simple, the game is funny and challenging. You need to shoot the bubbles using colored bubbles. Use a colored bubble to shoot the bubbles of the same color, until all the bubbles are gone.
This is a classic dart game where you can prove you can be a dart champion with the shortest time. Unlike other dart games, there are many points and bonuses too. Warn you, this can be addicted.
Round And Rolling is a simple, but addicting action game you can play in your browser for free.Catch the crazy colored balls and avoid the bad dark ones. Test your reflexes and improve your mental alertness using your mouse the faster you can.
You are ghost ops soldier and your mission is to use your assault rifle to shoot all emerging enemy mercenaries on each level.
The war has spilled onto the river so be prepared to carry out the mission river assault against the Militia in this intense battle. Shoot all the enemies trying to stop your boat and if the fight gets out of hands call in reinforcements to win the game
Visit New York city where you play as a flesh-hungry T-rex d...
Love tower defense games, if so then you’ve come to the ri...
April has been kidnapped and the four ninja turtles must rescue her. In order to do that they need you. Help Leonardo Donetallo Michelangelo and Raphael in the rescue mission.Press PLAY then choose to start the game. Also choose which of the 4 turtles want to play then choose one of six characters from Ninja Turtles that will help you throughout the game. Movement is done using the left right arrow jumping up Press again while youre already in the air to jump higher with the A button and hit the S key character call for help especially in the beginning. Collect pieces of pizza to replenish your strength and green dots to be able to use special attack especially friend restore power.
This time, Mr. Pac is not limited in the maze, he is free to run wherever he like, expect that he has to avoid his old friends, the ghosts!
WASD- MovernMouse/Arrow Keys - ShootrnE - InteractrnQ - Switch WeaponrnSpace - InventoryrnM - MuternrnThe Captain voyages to an alien swamp in search of another of Laserbeard\'s treasures. The treasure is hidden in the dungeon of an ancient castle. The castle once belonged to the The Insect King, a fearsome conqueror from ancient times. You must delve into the history of the castle and battle the insectoid population of the planet in order to recover the treasure.rnrnAn episode of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series.
Shoot the targets before they shoot back at you! Click on the health packs to stay alive.
It`s farm time, it`s crazy time and it`s RACING TIME, so try out this fun, exciting and addictive game.
Be the assassin in Hitstick 6. Use clever disguises, customize your weapons and use stealth modes to identify and eliminate your targets.rnrnGame controls: Mouse to move, aim and shoot. Press Spacebar to open your inventory. Press the letter \"R\" to reload. Press \"W\" to zoom in and \"S\" to zoom out with your gun.
Resident Evil comes again.If you do not destroy them as soon as possible, mankind will face the threat of extinction.The major responsibility relies on you. Take action to save the world!
In the caverns below Chateau d\'If destroy the dungeon cell blocks from beneath and release your comrades.
Zombie Takedown is a First Person Shooter game. It\'s a zombie killing action game with lots of guns to upgrade like shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper guns and many more. You get in-game weapons like time bombs, grenades and c4 to explode the zombies. Play the game in three modes - easy, normal and hard. Achieve and unlock new achievements after each level. Unlock bonus points for headshots. Beware of the dead city zombies and animals attacking you! Reclaim your lost city! Get ready for the action!
In the first episode you found the ancient Egyptian amphora, but the adventures is only beginning...Now You must search for the exit from the pyramid, which is full of dangerous traps. But beware and with a bit of luck You will be able to get into the tomb, and reach the pharaoh\'s treasure.
Today, you’re going to burst as many bubbles as you can. You can achieve that by blowing bubbles of the same color; you must have at least three bubbles together. Jungle Bubble is an online game is worth-playing. Enjoy!rn
The game has 40 different levels and 3 difficult modes to play (Easy - Normal - Hard).\r\nYou play with the arrow keys + space bar.\r\nThere are different kinds of elements that will appear during the game. Some of them will help you, but you must be care about some of them.\r\nEnjoy It.
A unique, challenging and hugely addictive one-button platformer. Sort of a cross between Canabalt and Super Meat Boy, the player must guide Arthur Stone through the dangerous levels of his office, none of which would pass health and safety standards. Unwilling to part with part with his mustache - his oldest and dearest friend, Arthur decides the time has come to quit. Unfortunately, quitting is also banned. To escape the grey walls, TPS reports and Hawaiian shirt Fridays, Arthur must pass through the many dangerous levels of his office, none of which would pass health and safety standards.
There is nothing pleasant about being homeless. But this is a main charscter of game. You have to fight for his miserable life. Defeat the evil police. Walk all the hobo hard path's. Arrow keys to move. A,S to attack.
The aim of this game is to escape from the maze guarded by the zombies.
The goal of the game is to move the DuBlox from the green tiles to the red tiles on each level. Use arrow keys to move DuBlox. Watch out for glass tiles! If the DuBlox lays flat on them you will have to start the level over. Green Square Buttons create extra green tiles that you can use to get the DuBlox to the end of the level. Press the Green Square Button again and the tiles will disappear. For Orange Diamond Buttons to work they must be pressed down at the same time with the DuBlox standing-up. These Buttons create orange tiles that can be used to get the DuBlox to the end of the level. The Yellow Circle button is a mystery. Press it and see what happens. Good Luck!!!
Cast a short glance over the ocean before you set the sails ...
You are the best CIA agent that this secret agency has ever had, but they still want to put you at test. Your job will be to find the terrorist nest and eliminate the vicious leader. Stay focused and do not kill the hostages that are being used as a human shield. You will have to aim the terrorists with the mouse and shoot them by clicking the Left mouse button. If you wait too long they will shoot at you, so avoid getting shot or killing a hostage by mistake or you will lose a life out of four. The bad guys have no chance and you will prove that you are still the best CIA agent! Good luck!
Plok, plok! Who's there? A block-busting bonanza! Fast-paced falling blocks puzzle game based on the smash hit Meteos.
Keep run and jump before the sun getting high.Avoid the obstacles in the way and chase the zombie slayer.Have fun playing it on