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Free For Girls, Girlgame, Girlie, Girls, Girly Games

Child went to the forest for summer camp where there are many dangerous. As a hero, daddy will certainly go there to protect his child.
its Melisa's care time!!!! Kids help baby Melisa to wake up from her bed and clean her. Make baby Melisa to brush and also help her to bath. Kids feed her in a healthy manner that will be your tedious task. At last, let her to enjoy the day by playing. Use mouse to interact.
Designing your own dream swimwear. First choose 4 different garments then pick a nice color for each item. You can even select a lovely pattern. Prepare the fabrics and you are ready to go to the beach or pool. Have fun
Create a fun and unique look for your favorite character room. Whether you design a creepy fabulous room for Draculaura, a sweet pink room for Hello Kitty, a glamorous girly one for Barbie, nice and colored furniture for Dora, or a more modern and refreshingly contemporary mood for Pou?s bedroom, have fun finding the perfect and right furniture for each beloved character.
Personal Shopper 2 flash game will bring you around the world and you can have fun shopping with Macy. Enjoy playing!
Start your own amuse park;make your visitors happy, upgrade your building and earn points for new buildings. Be like a real boss!
Play now online a funny friv for girls game called Caramel Waffles.Learn how to prepare, cook, and serve gourmet caramel waffles.
Barbara and her husband are very happy because they will have a baby But wait Barbaras belly looks very big for only one baby...Wow Doctor says that Barbara will have six kids What is wonderful news Help Barbara to take care about herself give her the right food make some exercises and other more. When the time will come you should take future mom to the doctor and help her to give a birth to six kids. Take a part in Barbaras family life and help them to become happier Enjoy the game
Summer is the perfect reason for a makeover and a cool makeup. Test your makeup artist skills with this fun game. Start by preparing the skin for the process. Apply all the professional product like primerwaterproof foundation and concealer and then move on to the makeup. Choose some fun colors and use your imagination to create an unique look. Finish the game with a nice hair style a cute bathing suit and some accessories. Have fun
Preheat the oven at a temperature of 374 degrees, take a bowl, add a few cups of flour, mix it with salt, baking powder, sugar, milk and a few other ingredients, then prepare a few slices of banana, add a teaspoon of vanilla, and after you bake the mixture into the oven you can finally decorate your banana cupcakes with tasty fruit toppings. Enjoy!
Anna is going to the party and wants a fabulous braided hairstyle. Give her a new look by choosing a new hairstyle. Have fun in this hairstyle game.
Valentine themed bike game for girls, ride through 10 unique levels, earn a high score and share it.
This girl is a big animal lover. She's going for her daily visit to the zoo today and she wants you to give her an animal nail design to visit the park in style. She hasn't had a nail makeover in a long time so you must first clean the nails. Then you can choose between a lot of animal themed prints, jewelry and accessories for the nail decoration. Roar!
Your task in this game is to exit the doors as fast as possi...
Play Black Forest Cake Yepi game - Learn from Sarah how to make a delicious cake . You will impres your friends with this recipe for sure. Have fun on
Race other girls in many intense levels.Use arrow keys to balance just right your selected bike and make it to the finish line first.After each 5 levels new bikes are unlock and new engines for a better performance of your bike.Improve your driving skills and if you manage to finish all 23 levels and you consider yourself a expert driver then tray the Expert mode where the speed of your rivals is increased. Have fun and good luck!
Blondie Lockes Secrets is a new and funny dress up and makeover game for girls that you can play online on Enjoy!
This beauty on ice needs your fashion help and dress up aid ...
Have you ever wondered how to make Fish Tacos or even know h...
Have you watched the Pretty Little Liars TV series? Now you have an opportunity to prepare its character named Aria Montgomery for a party with her friends.
Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? Then help the poor guy make a pizza! He is all alone at home and there is nothing to it. Can you help him?
Jessica Alba is one of the most popular and high-paid Hollywood actresses. Today she wants to buy some new clothes and calls you for help!
Cupid is on mission to keep this couple in love. They are spending the day at the park and can only kiss when people are not looking. Cupid is there to stop people from interrupting.
Crazy about summertime? In love with the hot sunny days, the seawater and the beach? Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Prepare yourself for a new beautiful summer day! You need to look as fancy as possible, you need to shine, you need to be sweet and charming today! So what about going through a refreshing facial makeover process? You have all you need here: great cosmetic masks, quality makeup products and fashionable summer clothes. Enjoy a new facial makeover challenge!
Adam and Eve is a very nice puzzle game where you need to help Adam pass all the test in order to get to Eve. Funny adventure for you to enjoy on
Everyone, meet the cutest care game in the universe: Pet Spa Salon North Pole! Staring: Little Baby Nola, the fluffy baby polar seal! She’s tiny and adorable and she’s waiting for you wash her, dry her and dress her up at the magical Spa Resort of the North Pole! Get this little diva all pretty and fancy, she loves feeling beautiful! She plays with the snow, sneezes and winks at you like the little diva that she is! And the best is yet to come: she learned an awesome Christmas Carol and she’s going to sing it for you! Just give her the mic and she’ll bring you all the joy in the world! Play the cutest care game ever with our little Christmas Baby Lola! Merry Christmas everyone! And a wonderful new year!
Collect as much as possible gift in this simple platform game. Don\'t run out of time and avoid all the spiked blob and spiked ground and get for highest score.A game by
The weather outside is frightful—but the style\'s so delightful!
Have fun when you playing this new makeover game for girls on Some days are more geek, some days are more chic. How will you dress Violetta today?
This popstar wants to give her best concert ever tonight! But for this her outfit must be one of a kind too. So she asked you to be her personal fashion designer and create the most beautiful and unique dress. Are you up for this challenge? Select 4 garments and choose a nice color and pattern for each garment. Then prepare your fabrics and show your exclusive creation on stage!
Try to put this picture of Barbie and this horse back together by clicking on a puzzle piece to slide it to the empty space.
Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo needs a personal stylist who would redefine her look post beauty pageant competition.
Your fashion job for today will be to dress up these beautif...
No Description
Hey, y’all! Sara’s calling you into her kitchen to tackle this classic southern recipe.
zoe hurt herself while playing and had cuts and bruises on her legs and goes to the spa for treatment. you should clean her legs, apply creams and make her legs look normal again. after giving treatment to her legs, select a suitable outfit for her. enjoy!!
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In this game, you must cook a creamy jewelry box cake. Add layers, assemble the pieces all together and decorate it!
While the teacher tries to write something on the blackboard for you, you have no desire to follow what he writes – you have got another thing to do – kiss each other. While he is not looking give each other as many kisses as you can!
If you love dress up game, than you'll be very happy to play a kizi game for girls, Dress up Competition.Select the correct clothes for each girl as it is required in the image.
Winter is coming. Little Kylie wants to make her room beautiful and comfortable. She has a good idea, you can help her decorate the room according to the hint. But if you have a better idea, just do it. Enjoy this lovely decoration game.
A funny dress up game for girls, Delicious Summer Picnic are available online for free on Pretty girl has dress up yourself and she was going to a picnic
WIP is an amazing puzzle where you have to find a way to fit the Word Inside the Picture. Fit the letters of the Word Inside the Picture.
Dress up Diana and Big News at the stables. Click and pick the various tops and bottoms, necklaces, hair, and other accessories onto Diana to dress her up and make her look her best during a fun day of training. Also make her wonderful horse, Big News look her best by changing her coloring, mane and tail, and magical eye color. Both looking great for the peaceful magic ride into the sunset.
Dress up Zoe and Mystical at the stables. Click and pick the various tops and bottoms, necklaces, hair, and other accessories onto Amy to dress her up and make her look her best during a fun day of training. Also make her wonderful unicorn, Mystical look her best by changing her coloring, mane and tail, and magical eye color. Both looking great for the peaceful magic ride into the sunset.
Live out your shopaholic dreams in the snowy streets of Paris!
What you have to do in this management game is raise animals...
If you have ever wanted to run your own dolphin show, well n...
In this fun girls cooking game your goal is to keep all of t...
Mean T-Rex dinosaur has claimed bunch of baby dino eggs. You...
The Choice for falling in love, was the last thing you ever ...
2 years ago
Find all the lost artifacts. The closer to the bottom of the ocean you collect them, the more valuable they are.
Dora at the Spa is very fun new game with Dora. In this cool game Dora is on her Christmas vacation and she wants to go to a massage spa saloon. She is looking for the best massage spa so she will be visiting you famous massage spa. So your job is to give Dora perfect massage experience. To do that, you have to follow the given instructions in the game. First give her a foot massage, then give her an oil massage, then give her a cream massage, then give her a Thai massage and at the end give her stone massage. Use your mouse to play this fun game, follow the instructions and give Dora best massage experience. Make Dora happy. Enjoy playing this awesome game!
Long walks in the park are so romantic, especially when you are walking with a loving person. This couple wants to say: “I love you” and … to kiss. But the visitors of Central Park are disturbing their heavenly romantic date!
Date your girlfriend afternoon and you want to kiss your girl, but please avoid not to get caught by other people.
Do you remember Jennifer Rose? You must remember her! Her love affairs continue! Despite the fact, that somehow she is able to combine relationship with work! Now Jennifer has to have time for everything!
Explore a crazy world, compete with other players and uncover the mysteries of the orient, the Golden Bell. Arrow keys: Movement Up: Jump
The rabbit couple wanted to travel around the world for their honeymoon and they decided to use your Hot Air Balloon. Fly with them and collect stuff on air and use them to upgrade your balloon for faster and funnier travel you ever had. FEATURES: Lots of animations and tweens Upgrades Can save upgrades Fun Cartoon theme Very suitable for children
What can be better than kissing all day long? The girl has just said to the boy that she likes him. He is a golf instructor. But he doesn\'t have an opportunity to leave his job and they have to kiss just on the golf field. They mustn\'t be noticed!
Princess takes piano lessons with her classmate. And she likes him very much – she wants to kiss him. But Princess belongs to the royal family that´s why she has to hide her kisses. Make everything possible to make their kissing unforgettable.
Is it possible to study when you are in love? No, that is hardly possible! So, instead of preparing for exams in the library, kiss your boyfriend while nobody sees! Do not let anybody catch you red-handed!
The truly legendary arcade puzzle now available in 3D. Try to paint up the biggest area possible on the playfield, keeping away from the moving objects which can prevent you from completing your mission.
These funny clowns are wandering around the world and entertaining the people. One day their car has crashed, and everything they have has been broken into pieces.
Two teenagers fell in love from the first sight, but now they can only communicate via phone. But they want that nobody disturb them to enjoy listening the voice of beloved. Now they are trying to distract everybody who can interrupt their phone talks.
The game Amazing flowers is free jigsaw-puzzle game for kids. Just take any piece and put it in right place.
Its Christmas winter, Snowman is waiting for you. He is very happy because he heard that Santa will come by this way, so he decided to impress Santa. The problem is, he is not good at selecting costumes and accessories. Now he needs your help, just make him look cute and wish him a Happy Christmas!
Manhattan is one of the most fashionable spots around and you know it! This is your chance to prove you can blend in perfectly, and to show your fashion skills are suited for such a high demanding place. You can go through an unbelievable makeover process, browse carefully around a great collection of jewelries and match it all with a stunning makeup.. and then you’re ready to go! Let the paparazzi see you, cause you are one cover-magazine-girl!
If you like sports, welcome to Sports Academy! Here you will compete in different sport challenges, such as running, jumping, swimming and rowing.
Do you like skateboarding? Wanna be like Tony Hawk? Here you have an opportunity to train all your skateboarding skills in a perfect way.
All you need to do is to help angry birds to jump as higher as you can and collect all eggs. Have fun playing Angry Birds get eggs flash game!
Sue's Skateboard is a game for those players that like sports. All you need to do is to Show cool tricks in the air can get extra points
Try out her new recipe for some yummy kabobs. Would you like to help Sara in the kitchen?
A funny cooking game for girls to play on Fizizi, Funny Ice Cream will make all girls to play it every day!Have fun with Funny Ice Cream
As a royal stylist, you should help them look magnificent. Pick the most beautiful wedding outfits and accessories for this royal couple!
Friv for girls, Pinata Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class - How cute is that?? If you like the sound of this recipe, why not get your mom to help you make out Pinata Cookies for real in your own kitchen? Go ahead—they’re delish!
Record Shop Tycoon 2 is a funny management game where you will be a business owner and you have to manage your resources.
Hi, my name is Carmen, I'd like to be pretty and adorable. Could you please help me to choose a set of cute clothes, shoes and toys? Thank you!
If fashion is your hobby, than Super Model Fashion Week is a flash dress up game for you! Help Mina to be the best model!
What’s Sara working on this time? A delicious and nutritious treat from the sea!.
Sarah can't wait to explore and play with nature. But her miserable aunt is joining them, and she doesn't approve of Sarah's energetic exploits around the park! Can Sarah sneak away or will her aunt spoil her fun?
Zombies kidnap people!You must kill them to rescue human.Be careful!If you kill the people undesignedly,you will dead!
Because Hazel enjoyed helping Santa for Christmas he decided to give her another special gift. Santa sent a baby reindeer to Hazel. Follow the instructions and help baby Hazel take good care of the cute creature. Have fun
Dress Up this Sea Pirate Beauty, Make sure that you have the best combination of clothes and accessories to attract all of the pirates that love her.
Zoe, having got a free coupon from the parlour near her house wants to get a relaxing massage done which would make her feel wonderful. Make her enjoy all the pleasures.
Zoe was happily eating ice-cream and her clothes became nasty. Now she is worried about washing her clothes. Help Zoe to wash her clothes before her mom arrives. Follow all instructions and clean Zoe's clothes. Have Fun!!
Oh no This lovely boy had an accident while playing football now he is sitting on your chair and waits for you to do your magic and fix his tooth. But you find out some ugly cavities and irritated gums so you have lots to do.
Zoe Mermaid has to look pretty and beautiful, as she has to attend the underwater festival party. Will you help her? Come on and do facial for her using the cleansers, scrubs and face-packs and also the tail portion to make her glow.Select her the best outfit and accessories. Have Fun!!
Zoe is taking part in a competition for belly dancers. Help her to get ready with the suitable outfit, that makes her look pretty and gorgeous. Enjoy!!
Dress up this cute amelda doll the way you want. Includes clothes, jewelry, pants, shoes, and hats.
Help Fio getting her money back from the greedy crow that steal her pouch. Explore the jungle full of mysteries and puzzles to solve.
Help this girl to choose a beautiful dress and accessories to celebrate her school party. Have fun!
Hey guys..... Zoe was under a great depression! You know why? She got only five days to participate in the fashion show. Gosh! She was fat. But her life time dream is to hit the title. So she seeks your help to reduce her weight. Just guide her in gym and dress up her. Have fun!
Primping beauty!!!! Lemon meringue is getting ready for the party in strawberry land. She wants to be a center of attraction in the party. So help the cute doll to look more gorgeous by your unique dressing. At last an exciting surprise gift is waiting for you. Memorize the lemon meringue outfit and replicate the same. Enjoy dressing!!!!! Use mouse to interact.
Zoe gets ready for the function and she wants to give a new hair style for her. Here are three different hair styles. Select any one hair style for Zoe which suits with her dress. Give your best!!!
Snow White Dress in a variety of beautiful dresses! Put on the clothes of your favorite cartoon Snow White, including her classic dress! Put any type of clothing that you want!
Shelly and her boyfriend went for their first date to the autumn park. She likes him very much and she wants to kiss him. It will be her first kiss, that\'s why she doesn\'t want anybody to witness her first kiss. Help this shy girl to kiss for the first time.